Can Dogs Eat Coffee Products?

Any pet lover will tell you how absolutely important it is to vigilantly care for the health of your dog, especially when they have the potential to get into so many things. Overall, it’s not a good idea to slip your dogs eat pears because that can directly affect their digestive system. It is okay for dogs to have some table scraps in moderation, but others are a definite no-no.

Try to offer your dog foods that are easily digestible, like lean proteins, cheese, hamburger, or rice. Dogs can also eat fruits and vegetables, but they need to stay away from spicy or fatty foods. Those foods can upset their stomachs and cause digestive issues. Dogs absolutely can never have onions, tea, chocolate, grapes, raisins, or coffee. These foods may cause diarrhea or vomiting when they ingest any of these items, and they also may cause nutritional issues.

The reason that dogs can’t have coffee is because caffeine is not good for them in any way. This is something that their systems are not designed to handle, even though some people may feel like it is appropriate to give their dogs coffee. According to some vets, a dog would have to drink up to 8 ounces of coffee before it became toxic, but that is not something that you want to risk. A few drops of coffee will not harm your dog, but coffee should not be given to them in excess on a daily basis. Decaffeinated coffee is surprisingly more toxic to dogs than the caffeinated variety. For, caucasian shepard, Caffeine is a stimulant, and in rare cases, it can affect the central nervous system and cause seizures and hyperactivity in dogs. For this reason, it is better for your dog to avoid any coffee products, including coffee beans, coffee grounds, and coffee itself. Any of these items could cause caffeine toxicity, which would be similar to chocolate toxicity that can also affect dogs.

Be careful about leaving out products that have both of these ingredients, including chocolate covered coffee beans, which would cause a serious amount of toxicity because dogs are sensitive to both chocolate and coffee. Caffeine can be almost as harmful to dogs as chocolate, which is why coffee should be avoided for dogs by any means.

Coffee does have many antioxidants and health benefits when it is consumed by humans on a regular basis, but dogs do have digestive systems that are very different from our own, so coffee can potentially irritate their systems and cause some serious issues. If you want to care for your dog well, then keep them on a diet full of healthy foods without any ingredients that could potentially be toxic to their system. Both chocolate and coffee do have caffeine in them, which is why they are toxic foods to dogs. Keep your dog on a healthy and guarded diet of foods that will be good for them and easy to digest so that they won’t get an upset stomach from eating these types of foods or have an even worse reaction.

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