Superb Makes use of Of Magnetized Water

Historical past

Some many years in the past, Russian scientists confronted a significant industrial drawback. When water flows via pipelines of a boiler or an engine equipment, mineral deposits from the water adhere to the partitions of the pipes. Over time, the passage turns into narrower and the supply of water to the equipment is diminished. The effectivity, gas consumption and mechanical energy of the machine is subsequently diminished Neodymium Magnets.

Whereas learning this drawback, scientists seen that the mineral deposits didn’t persist with the perimeters of these pipes with water that was magnetized. Thus started the magnetization of water for industrial use.

Researchers additionally discovered that water can turn into magnetically charged when it’s saved in touch with a everlasting magnet of correct energy for a substantial time. Such magnetized water can have substantial helpful results for the physique when consumed frequently.

What’s Magnetized Water?

There are three kinds of magnetic water: North Pole (destructive) water, South Pole (optimistic) water, and each pole water, every with various features and therapeutic properties. For human purposes, North pole water can be utilized externally as a wash or pores and skin wound disinfectant. Internally, North pole water will act as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic therapy. It’s also used to advertise a extra alkaline physique pH which is important for good well being. North polarity stabilizes, calms and sedates and likewise reduces ache, an infection and irritation. South polarity, alternatively, is acid producing, enervating, biologically disorganizing and should speed up micro organism development. Magnets with a South polarity ought to solely be used underneath the care of a skilled practitioner if in any respect.

How Do You Magnetize Water?

The earth’s magnetic subject naturally costs the water in lakes, wells, and operating streams. Nonetheless, faucet water that has handed via therapy crops and is transported via underground metropolis water pipes may have misplaced its magnetic cost. Treating water with magnetic fields will restore the pure vitality and stability.

One easy methodology is to position a container of water (or different fluid) on prime of a robust ceramic block magnet (3000-4000 Guass). This can magnetize the water in about 15-20 minutes.

Advantages of Magnetic Water for Human Use

* Raises alkaline pH within the physique

*Promotes therapeutic of wounds and burns

*Has a therapeutic impact on digestive, nervous and urinary programs

*Offers a optimistic impact on the nervous system

*Helps regulate coronary heart operate and clear clogged arteries

*Helpful for gout, kidney illnesses and even eliminating kidney stones

*Helps relieve bronchial asthma

*Infuses vitality into the physique, controls micro organism, and stimulates mind operate

Industrial Use of Magnetized Water

In industrial purposes,magnetic water controls scale buildup in pipes, boilers and cooling towers. In agricultural industries, using magnetized water will increase the speed of plant development attributable to extra vitamins being obtainable to root system.

Magnetic water used on livestock leads to diminished mortality and improved common well being and vitality. Whereas at California State Polytechnic, Dr. Kronenberg contributed to the pioneering work in agriculture that re-used re-energized irrigation water with magnetic therapy. He found that magnets truly change the nucleus of water. A food regimen of magnetized water makes cows give extra milk, chickens develop fatter and lay extra eggs. And cantaloupes and different crops develop bigger and have higher yields with much less fertilizer.

Use of Magnets in Therapeutic

Historic individuals have used magnetized water with out absolutely understanding its mechanism of motion. Streams flowing over pure magnets within the guise of stones and boulders grew to become magnetized and their water, when consumed by the individuals of that age, offered miraculous cures and vitality.

In current many years, there was a resurgence in using magnets in therapeutic of a wide range of illnesses, primarily in ache management of power degenerative ailments corresponding to arthritis. As an example, in a current double-blind examine on the Medical College of South Carolina, researchers reported that cleansing the tooth with water from a magnetized irrigator can cut back calculus formation by over 60 per cent and enhance general gum well being.

Magnetic Water Therapy

Water is typically softened utilizing magnetic water therapy. It’s theorized that, as water passes via a magnetic subject, the hydrogen ion and dissolved minerals within the water turn into charged. The cost causes separation of minerals from the water, softening and enhancing it.

Magnetic water therapy makes use of a sequence of sturdy magnetic fields in a computer-designed configuration, which causes an electron excitation to happen within the water. This causes the calcium crystals to precipitate in a low-density “snowflake-like” kind, which is in contrast to the exhausting “limestone-like” kind that’s often seen in pipes and on different surfaces.

As water passes via the magnetic subject, it’s charged. This cost causes the calcium to be retained within the answer fairly than plating on surfaces. The odor and style of sulfur is diminished in most magnetic water therapies and nothing is taken away or added to the water through the course of. This therapy enhances the efficacy and operation of most water softeners and likewise eliminates the buildup of scale, which is such a essential drawback in houses and industries as we speak.


The examine and use of magnetized water within the therapy of power illness remains to be in its infancy.Magnetism is broadly utilized in medical diagnostics, together with Magnetic Resonance Scanning units for detection of a wide range of inner organ dysfunction, together with most cancers.

Magnetized water will increase the alkalinity of water. An alkaline pH balances the organic terrain as our physique is bathed in a pro-cancer acid atmosphere from a modern-day meat heavy food regimen and air pollution. Magnetized water additionally results in a discount within the cluster dimension of water molecules, main to higher absorption of water into the cell.

Warning: Individuals with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or different electro-medical units ought to hold magnetic merchandise at the very least eighteen inches from the gadget. Use also needs to be suspended throughout being pregnant. Maintain magnets away from pc disks, audio/video tapes and bank cards. We don’t make or indicate any medical claims for any merchandise we market. This product will not be a medical gadget and can’t be relied on to produce medical advantages and isn’t an alternative choice to correct medical care.

Medical Disclaimer: Bio magnetic is a current improvement within the North American various well being market, and thus most research which could possibly be a foundation for inference will not be double-blind managed research, however as a substitute are anecdotal observations of advantages. Consequently, medical claims can’t be asserted till extra intensive research are accomplished.

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